Rash utsava


Auspicious commemorative celebration of Sri Sri Mahanam Yajna
Venue: Maha Uddharan Math, Manicktola, Kolkata and Sri Sri Mahendrabandhu Angan, Ghurni, West Bengal
Date: 19 & 20th October 2008


‘Hai Hai Jai Jai Pralay Pray
Tai Thai Dai Dhai Bandhu Nai Jai
(Hari Hari Hari Kao) (Mahanam Mahanam)’ - Chandrapat
The last twenty years were specifically the very own Lila of Prabhu Bandhu Sundar which was highly spiritual and of sublime depth which is unfathomable. Prabhu entered a thatched cottage or rather a cell, totally cut off from the objective side of the world. He passed 16 years and 8 months in this cell behind closed doors. He did not utter a single word and did not admit even light and air into that small cottage. This part of Prabhu’s “Lila” is famous as “Mahagambhira Lila” as compared to “Gambhira Lila” of Lord Gourango. Actually from the objective point of view he was generating tremendous amount of spiritual force in order to save the world from the accumulated destructive agencies which mankind developed throughout the whole Dark Age or Kali. On the other hand from the sublime or divine point of view Prabhu during this time was totally immersed in sweet memories of his earlier Lilas (Krishnalila & Gourlila) and was deeply meditating on them where even a slightest disturbance was intolerable. After seventeen years he came out to repeat the teachings again to our deaf ears. He said: - “I am sending my spiritual force against the destructive forces – the destructive powers of the world. ‘Karma’ is falling upon me. I must bear them in my body. Because of that you will soon find my body quite lifeless. The only way you can help me is by ceaseless prayer which must be chanted in chorus, in rhythm and in tune. This whole performance we term in one word-‘Maha – kirtan’ – which also includes the conception that the prayer must be chanted in spirit of love and faith”. The critical point of the lila of Prabhu- Jagad –Bandhu came on the 17th September, 1921AD (1328 B.S 1st Aswin). We found predictions fulfilled. The entire destructive power of the world came upon His body and it lay quite breathless. The Lord assumed the appearance of a dead man, though inwardly full of intelligence and bliss. It was Sripad Mahendrajee who diagnosed this condition of the Lord as only a unique stage in the life of the Lord; a metamorphic condition for a higher culmination of the realization of Mahabhava (a sublimated condition of Divine Love); and along with his band of young monks, according to the Lord’s previous instructions, preserved the holy body in a casket of sandal wood and started his Great Sacrifice of the hallowed name of the Lord in the Sri Sri Dham Sri Angan, Faridpur on 18th October, 1921 (2nd Kartik 1328 B.S) or Sri Haripurusabda 51. This Sacrifice is known as the Mahanam Yajna, the main function of which, celebrated in this Sacrifice, is the incessant and uninterrupted recital of the name of the Great Lord in tune accompanied by the musical instruments Khola and Karatala (a kind of drum and cymbal). Now this Sacrifice is inspired by vow taken by Sripad Mahendrajee that consistent with the saying of the Lord, He will have to rise up and awake through the mysterious influence of Mahanam and will complete the final synthesis of all religions and save the world from going asunder under the influence of Maha Pralaya (the Dissolution of the Universe).
Choddo Madol Arati
Decoration at Ghurni ashram
Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari at Aparadh Bhanjan Utsav
Devotees singing Kirtans
From that particular moment (2nd Aswin, 1328 BS) in 1921, up to date, the ceaseless Mahanama Kirtan is still continuing for 87 years. Lord Jagadbandhu Hari assumed this Great Trance on 1st Aswin, 1328 BS. Thereafter the devotees were performing kirtan continuously for twelve days. On 13th Aswin the Kirtan was stopped and there after it is not performed for 19 days. ‘Aparadh-Bhanjan Utsav’, was envisaged by Sripad Mahendraji, in remembrance of those 19 days of non performance of Kirtan which according to him was a great Mistake or Aparadh on the part of the Lord’s devotees or Mahanam Sampraday. Every year, even now, these days are being remembered as ‘Aparadh Vanjan’, through rigorous ritualistic services, offerings, kirtan and bright illumination. The devotees are always in painful remembrance of this departure of the Lord from his normal Human like self. This is celebrated with same enthusiasm at all the three places where the Holy Immortal Body of Lord Bandhusundar stayed at different times i.e. Faridpur Sri Angan at Bangladesh; Mahauddharan Math at Kolkata, India and Sri Sri Mahendrabandhu Angan, at Ghurni, Krishnagar, India.
Let the devotees be in spontaneous recapitulation and remembrances of this divine-lila for all the time to come. On 19th & 20th October, 2008, evening Arati was performed with the accompaniment of fourteen mridangams at Mahendrabandhu Angan, Ghurni and Mahauddharan Math, Kolkata.
The following programmes was arranged under the auspices of the Mahanam sect; led by Srimad Bandhudas Brahmachari (President) and Srimad Upasakbandhu Brahmachari (Secretary) at Mahauddharan Math at Kolkata, India.
Date Day Time Program Details

18.11.2008 Saturday

9.30am Collective recitation from devotional books
4.00pm reading excerpts from Sri Sri BandhulilaTarangini: by Srimad Bandhu Gourav B Brahmachary
5.30 pm Discourses from Srimad Bhagabad: by Prabhupad Srimad Ramkrishna Goswami
6.30pm: Leela Kirtan – After evening ARATI: Sri Sadananda Mondal
9.30 pm Sri Sri Adhibas Kirtan
19-11-08 Sunday Continous Dawn to Dawn Sri Sri Tarak Brahma Harinam Kirtan
20-11-08 Monday Middday : Distribution of Prasadam
3 PM Nagar Kirtan
Evening : Special Arati with 14 Mridangam (Sri Khol – a
special drum used by Gouriya Vaisnabs as accompaniment
with Kirtan) and Kirtan