Sri Sri Radharani
Sri Sri Raghunandan Goswami, originating from the linage of Adwaita clan, was the mentor of Raja Banamali Roy, the king of Taras, Pabna. He asked Bandhusundar- “Prabhu who is your mentor?” Prabhu replied, on the trot- “The Daughter of Brishvanu initiated me by the side of Radhakund.” When asked how Radharani could be Prabhu’s Guru, particularly when Prabhu is the incarnation of Supreme Godhead - Bhagwan SriKrishna who is the Jagadguru or the supreme guru, Acharya Dr. Mahanambrataji explained as follows to one of his disciples.
It is SHE and only SHE, Radharani, who could be his guru as Lord Krishna himself also accepts ShriRadha as his guru. He quoted Krishna saying –“Radhika je Premguru aami shisya nat, Sada ama nana nritye nachay udbhat” (Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adileela, 4th Parichhed) & “Aama hoitey guni baro jagatey asombhav, Ekali Radhatey taha kori anubhav” (-do-) meaning thereby that SriKrishna agrees that He has got to learn about Prem or Divine Love from Her and under this power of love of ShriRadha, He just keeps dancing at Her tunes and does just whatever She likes Him to do (ref. 77th sloka, 8th sarga, Gobinda Leelamrita). SriKrishna is the Loved One for everybody and being the subject or “Bishay” of love fails to own it as much as His lovers do, who are the “Ashray” of love, the greatest of them being ShriRadha. Thus the treasure of deepest love, an endless ocean of true love, an ever-increasing embodiment of profound love can only be seen in ShriRadha whom Sri Krishna accepts as His guru.
Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar
Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, the resident worshipped deity of the Mahanam Sampraday, is a condensed living idol of self-restraint, harinam and austere –practices.
Like Sri Gour Hari, Prabhu was tall, bright complexioned, having all the divine traits and always clad in white robes. For the benefit of ignorant, He revealed his own identity by saying-
“The supreme Godhead and eternally original Sri Govinda is Sri Sri Krishna and Sri Sri Gouranga. One who is the total unification and energy of these two Lilas is Sri Sri Haripurush Jagatbandhu. That is only me - do you understand? -- the Lila combination of all things.”
Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar was not a Guru in ordinary sense, he was Jagadguru, the Sureme Godhead incarnate, Lord Sri Krishna Himself. He never initiated any body or had given formal Diksha. In fact, his follower Radhika Gupta who was attached to him from child hood when became very desirous for a formal Diksha or initiation, He directed him to Sri Radharaman Charandas Babaji, at that time a famous Vaisnab of Nawaddwip. This Radhika Gupta later became a very famous Vaisnabite Saint of India – Ramdas Babaji Maharaj, the founder of Barahanagar Pathbari, Kolkata. Prabhu uttered –
‘Dikshaguru mantra dey kane, Jagatguru mantra dey prane’ meaning a formal guru utters sacred words into the ears of disciple but the Universal guru or the Supreme Lord inspires one at his heart.
Sri Atul Champati Thakur
Thakur Atul Champati. was one of Prabhu Jagadbandhu’s principal companion in his divine past time more well-known as Mahauddharan Lila. Incidentally, he was the husband of Kshiroda, daughter of Digambari Debi - Prabhu’s eldest cousin sister.
Sripad Mahendraji, the founder Acharya of Mahanam Sampraday, while wandering in Vrindaban at his early life received one of his first guidance and inspiration towards The New Incarnation of Lord Sri Hari - Prabhu Jagadbandhu from a mystic touch of Atul Champati Thakur. In later life, Mahendraji used to consider Atul Champati Thakur as his Gurudev or mentor.
As already told earlier, Prabhu being Lord Sri Hari Himself, never formally initiated anyone or had given mantra diksha. But propagation of Harinam was one the main mission of Prabhu Jagadbandhu and Atul Champati was his main companion for achieving this mission. By helping Prabhu to Achieve his mission, he performed the duties of a true disciple. As told by Prabhu Jagadbandhu Himself –
“Guru avipreta karjya ke Guru- diksha baley”
Meaning fulfilling the intentions of Gurudev or mentor is the true diksha or the act of becoming a disciple.

Sripad Mahendraji
Sripad Mahendraji - The Founder Acharya of the sect

Sripad Mahendraji, was the most beloved and intimate associate of Sri Sri Bandhusundar. In the Bengali year of 1323, he founded ‘the Mahanam sect’ with eight denunciated brahmachari youth members.
The great incarnation Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, Lila combination of Sri Nitai-Gour and god for the wretched and downtrodden; became the resident deity of Mahanam sect. The philosophy of Achintovedaved, as defined by Sriman Mahaprabhu’s loving goswami- sixtets along with twatta or ontology of this New Incarnation of Sri Hari, is the core philosophy of Mahanam sect.
He was well connected to the-then eminent personalities, like Mahatma Gandhi, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. Sripad Mahendraji was the combination of lover, poet, dearest ascetic of Braja and a man of strong personality. At the very first sight and introduction he could endear any person, specially young boys and youths, by his strong and mesmerizing power.
He prepared in his own hand, the second Acharya of the sect ‘Bhagabad-Gangotri’ Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji who later became a world renowned Philosopher – Saint. In the language of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari --
‘There was no doubt that Sripad Mahendraji was a man from Braja. Quoted below is a portion from a poem as written by Sripad, while describing his own Identity:-
“Gokuley Basati, Krishna Pati / Aviri Rupasi Ami ”
In another Poem he described his own self as –
“Lolita-Swafup-Milito-Anga Bandhur Seba Lagi.”
Sripad Mahendraji’s absorbedness in the services to Bandhusundar – in his Divine-Pastime of Mahauddharan, was equivalent to Lalita’s services at Braja or Swarup’s services ast Neelachal.’
In the biography of Sripad Mahendraji (Mahendra Lilamrita) Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari has mentioned (towards end of chapter ‘Kripar Dhara’) that Mahendraji directly revealed to him these three Identities of his.

Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari is the Principal Acharya of Mahanam Sampraday. Under his leadership, activities of the Sampradaya really flourished and overall development took place in Spritual and all other sectors.
The main formulation of worship of the Sampraday (Bhajan Pranali, including the mantras etc. of the New Incarnation-Lord Bandhusundar) as it stands today was mainly constructed by him as per inspirations received from his Gurudev Sripad Mahendraji.
In the biography of Sripad Mahendraji (Mahendra Lilamrita) Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari has mentioned (towards end of chapter ‘Kripar Dhara’) that Mahendraji directly revealed to him not only his own identities in Braja, Gour and Bandhu Lila, but also revealed to him secretly his (Mahanambrataji’s) identities which are later hinted in many of his poems and also in the dedication page of Mahendra Lilamrita (wherein he has mentioned himself as Bilas Manjari) as follows –
Bilas Manjari in Braja Lila, Sri Jiba Goswami in Gour Lila and Mahanambrata in Bandhu Lila.