History of Mahanam Sevak Sangha :-
Mahanam Sampradaya or sect, as served by other worthy brahmacharis, is solely dedicated to the great incarnation- Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar and is a century old vaishnavite sect. The Second Acharya of this sect Dr. Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji’s name is well known in the religious sphere of eastern India and Bangladesh. Mahanm Sevak Sangha, was specially constituted, mainly by the non-asramite disciples and devotees of Srimad Mahanambrataji, with a purpose of all-round services to the Mahanam Sampradaya. Mahanam Sevak Sangha was registered under West Bengal Societies Act, with multifaceted objectives of spiritual, social, cultural and service oriented activities. Acharya Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji was the soul of this organisation. One of the main idealism of this organisation is to provide real shape to his life-style and thought-processes. This organisation always pledged and committed to follow the path, as dedicated by Sri Mahanambrataji. Under the direction and endeavours of this ‘sangha’, this prime central institution- Sri Sri Mahanam Angan was established at Raghunathpur near Baguihati on VIP Road at Kolkata.
The original organization, in the name of “Mahanam Sevak Sangha” was registered on 19th November, 1976 under the ‘West Bengal Socities Act.’ In fact, there used to be an organization of the name of ‘Mahanam Sevak Sangh’ from long back. Though, it was not legally registered at that time. It may be noted that the book “Mahanam Brata Brahmachari on his way to America” was published by Sri Lalmohan Saha of Debai Pukur Road, Hindmotor, on behalf of Mahanam Sevak Sangha.
To constitute this organization, devotees formally assembled first on 13th February, 1976, at the premises of Sri Sri Harisabha, at Nabadwip, under the benign presence Sri Sri Gurudev, Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. Then a celebration was in progress at Mahanam Math. Most of the devotees present in that meeting may not be with us now. But we remember all of them gracefully:- There were 59 devotees as follows:-
From Kolkata
Sri Sri Sibaprasad Basu, Rashranjan Mitra, Nirmal Kanti Dasgupta, Shankar Nath Mukherjee, Narayan Chandra Singh, Biswanath Das, Radhamadhav Saha, Monoranjan Das Gupta, Sadhan Ghose, Bijoy Krishna Chatterjee, Nabagouranga Chatterjee, Laxmi Ghosh, Ganesh Dev, Reba Biswas, Biplab Chandra Saha, Bikash Kumar Rudra, Yogesh Chandra Barui, Ashish Kumar Das, Ramchandra Chatterjee, Ashok Kumar Saha, Gita Guha, Leela Mazumdar, Pratima Rudra, Putul Bose, Nirmal Chandra Saha, Manamohan Barui.
From Burnpur, Asansol:-
Sri Sri Sudhindranath Mukherjee, NItai Chandra Biswas, Indranath Mukherjee, Biswanath Das, Prabodh Chandra Dutta, Anil Kumar Mohanta.
From Nadia:-
Amarendra Prasad Bose, Raimohan Bhowmik
From Murshidabad:-
Sri Sri Sashti Pada Dutta, Arobindo Ghosh, A Saha,
From Shilong:-
Sri Sri H. K. Nath, Piyush Kanti Nag Chowdhuri.
From Bally, Howrah:-
Sri Sri Haridas Ganguly.
From Jalpaiguri:-
Sri Sri Prasanna Kumar Saha, Srish Chandra Bhadra, Khitish Chandra Sen, Jyotish Chandra Banerji, Gopal Chandra Sanyal, Pran Bandhu Bhowmik, Durga Charan Chakravarty, R. Bhawal, Madhanbendra Sarkar, Ramesh Chandra Banik.
From Hooghly:-
Sri Sri Dhrubananda Ghosh, Indubhushan Ghosh, Bina Dev.
From Dhaka, Bangladesh:-
Sri Gouranga Chandra Vaysha Saha.
From Agartala, Tripura:-
Sri Sri Kartik Chandra Das.
From Naihati:-
Sri Badal Ghosh
From Daltungunj, Jharkhand:-
Kabiraj Siddheswar Sen.
From Rahara, North 24 Parganas:-
Sri Binoy Bhushan Sarkar
From Midnapore:-
Sri Rathindra Kumar Sarkar.

The First Executive Committee was Constituted with the following Devotees; many of whom may not be there today:-

President : Sri Shibaprasad Bose
Vice President : Sri Bikash Kumar Rudra
Vice President : Sri Manmohan Barui
Vice President : Sri Sudhen Bose
Joint Secretary : Sri Deviprasad Ghosh
Joint Secretary : Sri Ashok Kumar Saha (now Upasakbandhu Brahmachari)
Treasurer : Smt. Gita Guha
Accountant : Sri Shankar Mukherjee
Member : Sri Chiraranjan Kundu
Member : Sri Biswanath Das
Member : Smt. Juhu Sengupta

Present Executive Committee of Mahanam Sevak Sangha :-

There are 31 members in the present Executive Committee of Mahanam Sevak Sangha. First it contained 11 members, then augmented to 25 and later on, there present Governing Body is constituted of 31 members. To view details of members name and addresses etc click on link below.

Details of Executive commitee

Expansion and development of Mahanam Sevak Sangha :-
Under the guidance of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahamachari and able executive leadership of Sri Upasakbandhu Brahmachari the activities of Mahanam Sevak Sangha expanded many-folds and various unitss & centres comprising the non-ashramite devotees were started at many places of India and Bangladesh. Two centres were also established by the devotees at New York, USA and Toronto, Canada. It is worth mentioning that three important temples i.e. Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, Kolkata, Sri Sri Bandhukunj, Vrindavan And Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, Agartala are run by Mahanam Sevak Sangha. The veiw details of important branches click on link below.
Branches of Mahanam Sevak Sangha

History of Mahanam Angan :-

Along with the history of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, another name is snugly attached to it that is its prime central institution or head quarters named Sri Sri Mahanam Angan. In fact both are very much intricately and inseparably attached.

There is a saying in English “Rome was not built in a day,” this can be aptly applied for the case of Mahanam Angan. Because, whatever shape that can be seen of the present day Mahanam Angan, was not built in 2/4 years. The auspicious inauguration of Mahanam Angan was held on 25th December 1982. But preparation for its construction started as early as 1971. To spell out in details, it will take the form of a book. Therefore a history in brief is given below.

After Registering Mahanam Sevak Sangha, under West Bengal Societies Act, in 1976, as per the decision of the committee, efforts were undertaken to purchase a land. After a lot of endeavours and by the unexpected grace of Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar and finally with the blessings of Sri Gurudev, we could buy this piece of land. This land, where we have constructed this Mahanam Angan, earlier belonged to Sri Jatindra Nath Ghosh of Baguiati. Because of delay in registration of this land, under Land Ceiling Act, the committee decided to chalk out a plan for laying the foundation stone of Mahanam Angan on ‘Sitanavami’ in 1977.

From 1971 to 1981 November, various types of hindrances jeopardised our project in a big way. By the unending grace of Gurudev, we could overcome all the hurdles and hindrances; and formal relaying of the foundation stone was performed by Sri Gurudev by his own hand on 20th December 1981. On that very day, Sri Gurudev wrote in his diary that “Mahanam Angan will be inaugurated on 25th December, 1982.” Sir Gurudev was apprehensive, whether such a huge project could be completed in one year! We said that this would be surely possible with your grace. The auspicious inauguration of Mahanam Angan, on 25th December, 1982, was the burning example of the enormous power of Sri Guru’s divine grace.

Sri Sri Mahanam Angan’s construction work began on 21st December 1981. Leaving aside the top dome, the main temple, bhog-mandir and Sri Gurudev’s worshipping cottage was completed and the inauguration was done on 25th December, 1982. Whatever shape the present temple complex has taken today, was the culmination of many more years of endeavours; and that too was completed by Sri Gurudev only. After purchasing the land in the year 1978, the construction work could be started by December 1981. During this long period on so many occasions Sri Gurudev asked us – “You just somehow inaugurate, thereafter you don’t have to bother anymore.” In fact, we really didn’t have to think on any issue after the inauguration. The reason for which we could not start the work at all, was due to the total antagonism of the chief of local panchayet; and another main reason was the paucity of funds. We had a hidden pledge in our minds that before inauguration we won’t ask for any direct monitory help from Sri Gurudev.

We had been seriously thinking of providing just a proper working and living environment to such a great person like Sri Gurudev at his old age because Maniktala’s Mahauddharan Math had the problem of shortage of space. But at a later date, the way of Mahanam Angan expanded and took the present from was all due the divine wishes of Sri Gurudev. We were contemplating to name it as Gurudham (Abode for Guruji). But Sri Gurudev named it as Sri Sri Mahanam Angan. Sri Gurudev named one house earlier with this same name. That house belonged to a specific devotee at Ballygunge. He had a wish to donate it to Sri Gurudev. However, for some reason or the other that did not materialize.
The total area, on which ‘Mahanam Angan’ is established, is 2 bigha 5 kottha, only. It was purchased at different phases. Below, we are producing a brief account of its construction and also acknowledging the help, cooperation and sympathetic-attitude of various persons involved with the development.

Plan & Design Features :-

The main temple, Sri Gurudev’s worshipping cottage, devotee’s lodge and service premises of Mahanam Angan was designed by famous architectural firm “Ballardie, Thompson and Mathews Private Ltd.” (B.T.M.). This firm was introduced to us by our Guru-brother, Sri Sailesh Mazumdar (Husband of Taffidi/Smt Leela Mazumdar). While speaking about Sailesh da, we are bound to express the fact that he played a key role in the construction of this Mahanam Angan. Sri Apurba Basu, M.D. of B.T.M. used to address Saileshda as ‘Dada’ which means elder brother. In 1981, the total estimated cost of the project’s plan was 14,41,000/- B.T.M’s estimated Charge @ 8% for drawing, estimation and supervision was about Rs.58,000/-. Sailesh da asked Apurba Basu – “Will you charge money for designing a temple for my Gurudev !!” Apurbada said – “It is ok, as you wish please!” Ultimately, we didn’t have to pay anything on this account. They supervised the construction activities from time to time. Today we respectfully pay our tributes of gratitude to Saileshda and B.T.M.’s Apurba Basu and S. Roy Chowdhury.

Construction of the Main Temple and Foyer :-

Main temple was erected by labour contractor Nilmoni Sarkar. He was loved by all as Nilmonida. He was not only a mere labour contractor, but also our constant companion. He was our special friend in all our activities. Today, we do remember him with respect. Most of you are familiar with Anil Da; the courageous devotee, Anil Chandra Pal. He was very enthusiastic in all activities. Even before his initiation or diksha, he expressed his desire to fund and construct the Nat-Mandir (foyer). Sri Gurudev was highly pleased at his such magnanimity. Later on, after initiation, Sri Gurudev took him as his ever-near one. Through his efforts and endeavour this ‘Nat-Mandir’ was constructed. His able son Swapan Pal and wife Chayadi, are our constant companion. Though our dearest Anilda is no more, yet we remember him with deep gratitude.

Samadhi - Temple :-

We had a wish to lay Sri Gurudev permanently at rest, in his worshiping cottage. One day he remarked to Gitadi – “Whatever you have thought of won’t happen in the temple area. Inside temple area, there can’t be a Samadhi – Mandir.” We were in a fix and contemplated a lot. Ultimately we received a proposal for sale of the space at the backyard (where the Samadhi-Mandir is now situated). This backyard space belonged to four persons. It is incredible to think as to how the land was acquired. However, ultimately, it happened! Sri Gurudev instructed to construct a wooden house at that place with the intention of doing studies over there. We built the house in such a way, that at a later day, the Samadhi (interment) could be done there. This whole temple was of reinforced concrete and wooden planks were fixed on it. After completion of this temple, Sri Gurudev said – “I shall install Prabhu’s Paduka (Foot-wear) there and from now on it will be named as ‘Paduka-Peeth.” Sri Gurudev himself went to this Paduka-Peeth and worshipped the foot-wear of Sri Sri Prabhu. Sri Ashok Kundu helped a lot in the design and supervision of the construction of this ‘Paduka-Peeth.’ Later on at this Paduka-Peeth only Sri Gurudev’s divine body was buried on 1st of Kartick of 1999. It is needless to state that in 1999, at 9:40 A.M. in the morning of ‘Durga-Navami,’ Sri Gurudev ended his divine-sport in this mundane world and ‘The child of Braja went back to Braja.’ Today’s elegant shape of ‘Samadhi – Mandir’ is due to the profuse donation of the Great devotee from Siliguri, Sri Narayan Roy Karmakar. We acknowledge our thanks to him. Narayan Da is known widely for his philanthropy.

Sevangan :-

As per the wishes of our ever revered Sri Sri Gurumaharajji, before the inauguration of Mahanm Angan, a free homeopathy dispensary was opened here. This was named Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sevangan. Later on, with the help of our devotee from Baguiati, Sri Ananta Kumar Das, a building was built for charitable allopathic dispensary and that was inaugurated by the then D. G. of Police, Govt. of W.B. Sri Ramen Bhattacharya, on 1st January 1984. At a later date with the help and cooperation of Swami Vivekananda Trust of Jadavpur, New York Branch of Mahanam Sevak Sangha and Sri Mahanambrata Cultural & Welfare Trust; this ‘Sevangan’ is now a well managed organization. It has earned a good reputation in the locality. We acknowledge the contribution of Late Sri Ananata Kumar Das.
Monk’s Residence, Scripture Library & Centenary Hall :
The place which is now used as kitchen and where the devotees are offered prasads, its ground floor was built for the Residence of Monks. Sir Sarojendra Lal Saha, a devotee from Salt Lake helped a lot in constructing this. Besides, it is pertinent to acknowledge the contribution of Narayanda of Siliguri for this whole project. Sri Arup Saha’s help in constructing the second floor as Centenary Hall is specially acknowledged. We express our gratitude to all of them.

On other works like front office, building and lodge for devotees were constructed with the help and assistance of Sri Asutosh Saha, Dr. S. P. Dey & Hemprabha Nath of Salt Lake and Sri Gurudas Basak of Beleghata. We thank them all.

Besides this we would like to remember many persons who have helped at various points of time with their untiring labour and hard work. First to name among them is our dearest Surya Kanta Dey, Surya Da for all of us. He is the courageous, every renouncing Suryada. Surya Da’s chanting of ‘Glory to lord’ was Gurudev’s most dearest treasure. For chanting ‘Glory to Prabhu,’ Gurudev Always Summoned Surya Da. He served as our treasurer for a very long period. We remember him with deep gratitude. There after we recollect one of the Ex-Presidents of our Sangh, Sri Sudhindra Chandra Mukhopadhya of Burnpur. His contribution, specially in constructing this Mahanam Angan, can’t be denied. Without his bold-steps, we have enough doubts as to the feasibility of this Mahanam Angan coming into being. We remember him with deep gratitude. He came to attend the inaugural function of Mahanam Angan and fell ill and finally succumbed to death. Gurudev himself participated in the cremation ceremony of Sudhin da at Nimtala Ghat.

Besides, we graciously acknowledge the services and contributions of the following devotees:-
Sri Sri Nandagopal Saha, Chattaranjan Kundu, Manmohan Barui, Sudhendu Bose, Sankar Mukherjee, Birendra Prasad Bose, Dilip Biswas, Uma Roy, Dr. Ujjala Kundu, Mihir Sarkar, Dr. Kusumlal Roy, Nirmal Chatterjee, Dipak Saha, Pradip Kumar Dasgupta, Promod Chandra Das, Bina Deb, Samarendra Mohan Bose, Jaladhar Hazra, Rabidnra Sarkar, Aswini Kumar Saha, Nripendra Adhikari, Raimohan Bhowmik, Shambhu Bhaduri, Samarendra Mohan Basu, Satyaranjan Mazumdar, Piyush Kanti Nag Chowdhury etc.

Besides this, Gitadi, is among those, who is ever present in her own glory through her contribution, help and inspiration. She was there right from the constitution this ‘Sangh’ and construction of this Angan as a constant companion. Till today she is continuously serving without any lethargy for the cause of this Angan. We can’t simply end talking about her. Another gentleman is Nilratan Biswas. He has played unparallel role in solving various problems of our ‘Sangh’ or ‘Sect’. We also remember our present treasurer, Srimad Bandhu Nibas Brahmachari. He is the ever agile sentient of the Angan and always dedicated to the services of the Angan. Besides this, it is especially important to mention the bold leadership of our present president Sri Bikash Rudra. Ex-President Sri Sibaprasad Basu, was an eminent lawyer. We acknowledge with great respect about the legal advices that helped in finalizing the deal for buying land for Mahanm Angan. Along with that we remember with reverence about Swami Jagadanand Bharti (Debiprasad Ghosh), who was associated with this Sangh since long. We can’t forget his and Shibuda’s contribution, specially in framing the constitution of this ‘Sangh.’ My presentation will be incomplete, if I don’t acknowledge the contribution of my brother-like Srimad Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari. All the responsibilities of printing our tri-monthly magazine rest on him. Besides, he keeps close liaison and contact with all other Sadhus and Monks of various sects. Recently, letters of Mahanambrataji, was published only through his solo efforts. He is also instrumental in collecting many rare items for the Mahanam Brata Memorial Collection.

Now, let us remember Sri Sri Mahanam Angan’s resident devotees who have left for the heavenly abode of Sri Sri Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar.
Late Nirmal Kanti Dasgupta, Rajeswar Banik, Ramdas Brahmachari, Jaibandhu Brahmachari & Smriti Kundu.
Remarkable events and activities carried out by the efforts of Mahanam Sevak Sangha :-
Creation of Sri Sri Mahanam Angan, Samadhi Mandir and Sevangan at Raghunathpur, VIP Road, Kolkata - 59
Mahanam Mela (1986) : Under the auspices of Mahanam Angan, a 10 day long diamond jubilee (Mahanam Mela) was celebrated at Kolkata maidan to commemorate Mahanambrataji’s lectures delivered at 2nd world conference of faiths at Chicago.
Establishment of Sri Sri Bandhukunja at Vrindavan, UP (1986)
Construction of New Temple at Vrindavan (1987)
In 1987, Sripad Mahendraji’s birth centenary was celebrated by taking out a huge ‘nagar-kirtan’, accompanied by 1000 mridangams (drums) from Maniktala Math and it culminated at Mahanam Angan.
Acharya Mahanambrata Brahmachari’s 90th birth anniversary Celebration (1994) : a 10 day long gala celebration was organized in memoriam of Mahanambrataji’s completion of 90 years.
Civic Reception of Acharya Mahanambrata Brahmachariji at Najrul Manch(1998) : Here in front of a very large gathering Mahanambrataji was awarded Bharat shiromani title by Governor of West Bengal when eminent citizens from all sectors of life were present on dias.
Mahaprayan Utsav of Acharya Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji : In 1999- his final journey to heavenly abode was observed with great solemnity and a 7 day long Mahaprayan Utsav was arranged in his hallowed memory.
Acharya Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachariji’s yearlong Birth Centenary Celebration (2003 – 2004) : It started with a 12 day long inaugural celebration at Kolkata with a memorable 1000 mridangam (drums) ‘nagar-sankirtan’ procession and then continued through the year at various places of India and Bangladesh. All these programmes were arranged mainly with the initiative of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Kolkata and its various chapters at various places. Centenary celebrations were also done at New York, USA and Toronto, Canada.
Construction of Mahanambrata-Commemorative-Gateway Arch at Vrindavan (2004)
Medical Treatment of Mahanam Sect’s Brahmachari’s : Till now, medical treatment was provided to:- Late Brindavan Das Brahmahari, Krishna Kumar Brahmachari, Amar Bandhu Brahmachari, Utpal Bandhu Brahmachari, Bandhu Kamal Brahmachari & Dinabandhu Brahmachari. It may be noted here that Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari used to say that Mahanam Sevak Sangha’s prime task is to serve the Mahanam Sect or Sampraday. They are the Service Staff of Mahanam i.e. in the service of Mahanam Sect.

Social Activities :-

Besides propagating ideologies of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari and serving the Mahanam Sampraday the main thrust of Mahanam Sevak Sangha is on various social services like health, educations, providing winter clothes etc. the details of which are covered on the separate page on Social Activities (Click on this link to view).