Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari after Mahaprayan along with Brahmacharis of Mahanam Sampraday
From 4th to 10th December 1999, through various programmes and activities; the commemorative celebrations were observed. A detailed description of those programmes is given below
Standing amidst a crowd of thousands of people, a person, with eyes overwhelmed in tears; remarked to another fellow that the whole atmosphere seemed to be charged with pathos, grief and separation. The speaker sighed a long sigh of dismay. The other person replied in negative; saying that grief was neither the ultimate nor the crux of the main theme. One could just overhear such exchanges of words.
Yes, these few thousands of people were not accustomed to be in such a situation, where the jewel in the crown of such festivity, the vital living force, the supreme worshipable, Mahanambrataji; not found decorating the centre-stage. It was their first experience on that very day. Yet, a very big question cropped up in their minds. Intrinsic senses are much more powerful than the sense organs like the eyes. The whole atmosphere, that apparently seemed to be full of grief and pain, itself started metamorphosing with the glow of the rising sun in the hearts and consciousness of the devotees. Thus descended a deep emotional ambience, transgressing the boundaries of the feelings of separation; among the thousands of devotees thronged in Mahanam Angan. The hearts of the devotees declared that such unbearable information of non-existence of Mahanambrataji, was totally false. In his lively, eternal portrait manifested in the purest minds of devotees, Mahanambrataji existed for ever and will remain there for all times to come. Once arising, there can’t be any setting of eternal Sun called Mahanambrata. The most compassionate and ever-loving Mahanambrataji, himself, was standing tall near the head-stand; with undeterred commitment. As if, he was uttering to everyone’s heart – “I am here, and remaining with you for ever.”
From 4th to 10th December, like, the churning of the ocean of love and devotion; commemorative celebrations were carried out. It was a continuous churning exercise of emotional love; bringing out the ambrosia of devotion. On the very first day, it started with the recital from Srimad Bhagabad Gita. This recital was conducted by Professor Srimad Dr. Swami Sarbaganandaji Maharaj of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission. Nowhere we could find such an engrossed audience to listen to the deliberations on Gita. Justice Mukul Gopal Mukherjee, Chairman Human Rights Commission, offered his respectful tributes. There after Dr. Biswaranjan Goswami continued with his discourses on Srimad Bhagabad. The Supreme Bhagavad, Vaishnavachrya Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachari, like Vayasdeva, was second of none in writing expert commentaries & explanations and also presenting discourses, all through his life, Gita and Bhagavad. Commencement of his commemorative – celebration through the discourses on Gita-Bhagavad, conveyed a deep significance. On 5th of December, a great commemorative-conclave was conducted under the presidentship of Dr. Dhynesh Narayan Chakravarty, Bachaspati Sastri. After the auspicious recitation of hymns by Pandit Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Guests were felicitated. Sudip Saha, Presented emotionally, a kirtan on ‘Guru-Bandana’ – as composed by Sri Mahanmbrataji Himself. Chinmoy Nanda, The Jt. Secretary, of the committee, delivered his welcome address. In his inaugural address, Srimat Swami Nityananda Maharaj, Secretary of Ramkrishna – Vivekananda Ashram – Barrackpore; created an ambience of Deep-Devotional-Flow. He asserted – “From now on don’t say that I am going to Mahanam Angan; rather say – that I am going to the pilgrimage of Mahanam.”
Srimat Dandi Swami of Damodar Ashram; Srimat Swami Ashokananda of Bharat Sebashram Sangha; Srimat Swami Suparnananda, President of Ramkrishna Mission College; Brahmacharini Bela Devi, President of Adyapeeth Sadhika Ashram; Ex-Justice Ajit Kumar Nayak; Dr. Pabitra Gupta, The Eminent Educationist and member of college service commission; Gorachand Bhattacharya, Pranabesh Chakravarty, Srimat Devananda Brahmachari etc.; were among the eminent speakers. Srimat Dandiswami Rishikesh Ashram and Mahamandaleswar Srimat Swami Devananda Saraswati presented deep-thought-provoking and invaluable address as special guest and chief guest, respectively.
The speakers by their informative, logical and lucid oratory, kept the audience spell-bound, while discussing on the multi-faceted aspects of Mahanambrataji’s wisdom and erudition, huge treasures of spirituality, highest command on vaishnavite-scriptures, celestial love, patriotism and philosophy. Professor Chidananda Goswami, fecilitated in conducting the whole programme.
On the 3rd day, i.e. 6th December, right from the sunrise, a 24 hours Mahanam Kirtan was started; and ‘Suchak-kirtan’ (a typical song dedicated to the memory of the great departed soul which usually contains brief significant incidences of his life and sung under heavy emotional overtone) was sung parallely at the shrine of his mortal-remains. Srimat Upasak Bandhu Bramachary, the secretary of the committee, performed this self-composed kirtan; while emphasizing solely on the ultimate flavour of devotion and separation. Audience bursted in tears. In the afternoon, ‘Haridas-Niryan,’ an attractive play-act on devotional-theme; as composed by Mahanambrataji, was staged. This was presented by Krishna Pal in his melodious, well-rehearsed modern technique. The contribution of Kalpataru Pal in providing background musical accompaniment to this ‘Kirtan’ was worth-mentioning. Evening worshipping was conducted with the help of fourteen drums (Madal). A flavour of devotion flooded the whole atmosphere by ‘Mahanaam Chanting’ with the accompaniment of drum beats. The audience were submerged in the mighty flow of sound waves. Morning of 7th December commenced with the continuous 24 hours ‘Tarak Brahma nam Kirtan.’ It was definitely confirmed, as if, Sri Gurudev was present in all such programmes in his eternal form. On the other hand, the sacred ceremony of invocation of scriptures was parallely conducted in the shrine of his mortal remains. Eminent saints and sagacious gentry, performed recitals, with great erudition and devotional dedications, on scriptures like Gita, Bhagavad, Chaitanya-Charitamrita, Bandhu-Leela-Tarangini etc. The whole ambience was filled with the flow of sacred emotional-thoughts. In the afternoon, Gour Chandra Karmakar and his party presented the padavali-kirtan ‘Mathur-Biraha.’ Connoisseurs of Kirtan would like extract special fervour of separation, variations in melody and a typical resonance on the theme. But such performance of ‘Kirtan,’ fulfilled the thirst for devotion of the devotees through the various compositions on Krishna Leela.
Mamata Bannerjee visiting Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari after Mahaprayan
Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari

On the mid-day of 8th December, Saints and sagacious persons were treated in a Sandhu-Bhandara (oferring of elaborate prasadams to saints). It was rather difficult to present comprehensible description through words. It was a divine scene. At this congregation, many highly acclaimed presidents and supremos of various religious sects, noble-souled monks and dignitaries presented their scriptural messages. By quoting messages from scriptures and devotional-treatises, respectful tributes were paid to Mahanambrataji for his great qualities and attributes. This programme was presided over by Maha Mandaleswar Swami Devananda Swaraswati Maharaj. Brahmachari Muralbhai, Brahmacharini Bela Devi, Dr. Basanti Chowdhury, Dandi Swamy Damodar Ashram, Brahmachari Ashok and the like presented scriptural messages. Such an ambience of spirituality was a rare phenomenon. Thereafter, saints and great souls took part in community consumption of Prasadam (the remains of offerings to deity). Many of you must have witnessed the scenes of banquets, gleaming with the lights and decorations; of the pride of prosperities, social status and mighty positions. But such a benign assembly of purest souls was a rare sight. Your head would automatically droop down in great respect at the very sight of such sacred, auspicious and hearty scenario.
The congregation on the divine separation of Mahanambrataji was organized in the afternoon; under the auspicious presidentship of Srimat Nabani Bandhu Brahmachari, president of Mahanam Samaradaya. Two huge oil-paintings of Bharat Shiromani Mahanambrataji, decorated the back drop of the stage. Beyond that, within the temple complex. The idols of Radhakrishna, Nitai-Gour and Prabhusundar, were visible in hind sight. Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, one of the secretaries of this commemorative committee, recited sacred-benign-hymns. Thereafter, Srimat Minati Goswami, Provided the vocal – inauguration by singing the song – “Hey Jyotirmoy, Ananta Akshya.” Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, the Principal Secretary of this commemorative committee; with his controlled, emotionally deep yet supra-saturated address, welcomed the devotees and speakers.
In the first lecture, Anil Chandra Pal, the treasurer of this commemorative committee and working president of Mahanam Sevak Sangha; delivered an emotionally-charged and tearfully-overwhelmed speech and stated that there was not an iota of joy in this meeting. It was simply a conference, full of sorrows and miseries. Whereas, Sri Kumud Ranjan Debnath, the representative from Tripura; explained the term ‘Divine-Separation’ as per Sri Guru’s interpretation and established it to be not a conclave for sadness. ‘Divine-Separation’ means the existence of that entity in a eternal form and in a specific state. Sri Radha remained exactly in that state. Thus, by establishing Sri Gurudev in our hearts, we would attain peace. Dr. Kusumlal Roy, another representative from Tripura, recapitulated Sri Guru’s memoirs in a very natural, simple and lucid language. In both these lectures, the extent of control on recapitulation of memories, were worthy of appriciations. In his emotional exposure, Nilratan Biswas, identified Sri Guru as the almighty God. He also appealed to all to keep this Mahanam Sevak Sangha, glorified by Sri Guru’s blessings of compassion, to remain united and highly progressive. Birendralal Roy Banik, reciteded from his memory some relevant portions from a few letters of Sri Gurudev; with great ease and flexibility. The audience was kept spell-bound. In between, a little girl, Indulekha Guha recited a poem, as composed by Manjushree Kar, with exquisitely beautiful elocution skill and charmed every body. Manjushree Kar also recited one poem that was appealing to all. Professor Sukhendu Shekhar Dutta, from his direct realizations in personal life, described anecdotes of Sri Guru’s unfathomable compassion, love and supernatural powers. Professor Dutta’s devotion and deep conviction got reflected on the audience. On the inaugural day of Silchar’s Mahanam Mela, when the whole fair ground was devastated by torrential rains; then Sri Guru predicted that the rains would stop much before the commencement of the event and the programme would be successful. It really happened so! All were overwhelmed. Prof. Chidananda Goswami, one of the secretaries of this conclave of Divine separation opened that our mind won’t accept this as a commemorative occasion for remembrance of his separation from us. This was not a conference to express sadness and grief. By transgressing beyond such feelings of separation, we have kept Sri Guru in the core of our hearts for eternity. Quoting from Rabindranath, he stated ‘Biraha Sarasi Neerey Milan Satadal.’ While recollecting on the nomenclature process of Mahanambrataji, he referred to the association of ‘Chandra’ (The moon) in his childhood name – ‘Chandra’kanta, boyhood name – bankim’Chandra’ and Later on in his name of Mahanambrata too. Mahanambrata is the creation of ‘Chandra-Purush’ only. Thus, the soothing beauty of the moon, is associated with the name of Mahanaam. He continued that politics can divide land, seas, rivers, mountains and even the sky ; but it can’t cause division in the sun-light and moon-light, likewise, Mahanambrataji can never be divided; rather he is always added. He is meant for Bengal, as well as, for the whole country. The editor of ‘Udbodhan’ journal and the publicity-President of Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Purnatmanandaji uttered in bold and sonorous voice that after Swami Vivekananda’s presence in the conference of world religion of faiths in 1893; Mahanambrataji only attended such conference in 1933 as India’s sole representative. Let this truth be widely publicized and known to all. He further added that Brahmachariji was a great person of unique personality. Besides, various personalities like Haranbandhu Brahmachari, Nalinakhsya Sarkar, Bandhupran Brahmachari, Sandip Saha, Shibaprasad Basu etc. presented their view points. Srimati Renuka Mukherjee recited a ‘Self composed’ poem.
On 9th December, a day long Kirtan – Soiree was arranged in remembrance of the divine pastime of Sri Radha Krishna. The various exquisite stages of divine pastime, starting from ‘Purba Gostha’ to ‘Milan’ were enlivened by the performances of Krishna Pal, Gour Chandra Karmakar, Dilip Choudhury and Jatin Das.
10th December was the concluding day for this commemorative celebration. This was marked by a highly significant programme of ‘Bhog offerings to 64 associates of Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar and distributions of Prasadam to common men (Nara Narayan Seba).
Prabhu Sundar’s retinue of devotees and playmates of divine pastime; were seated one after another inside the temple complex. Through the invocation of worshipping Kirtans, the retinue of 64 devout associates seemed to have taken their seats directly in front of their offerings. The ethereal atmosphere was undulated by the combined sound of ululation, glory to Jagadbandhu, glory to Guru and Hari bol etc. And there after, the offerings of the deities, were distributed among thousands of common men. A continuous service to the masses was carried out all through the midday, afternoon up to evening.
The deepest specialities of such a 10 day long commemorative celebration was that each and every programme was thoroughly associated with the life style, idealism, thoughts and activities of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari. His unending command on Gita and Bhagabad; the non-dissociable attachment to Gita and Bhagabad; the non-dissociable attachment to Mahanam and Tarakbrahmanam in his life; the depth of benign feelings in his creation, explanation, realization and savouring of the flavour of Namkritan; his deep respect and dexterity towards the recitals of scriptures; his unlimited respect for the saints and sagacious community; his humility and humane touch towards the poor mankind – all got reflected through these programmes. That is why this sacred commemorative celebration overwhelmed thousands of men and women through devotion, love and adoration. By the compassion of Sri Guru and that of Prabhu Jagadbandhu Sundar, this commemorative celebration, will ever remain unforgettable in the hearts and minds of thousands of men and women.
SRI SRI MAHAUDDHARAN MATH, KOLKATA: 3 day long programmes were organized from 11th to 13th December, 1999 at Mahauddharan Math, Kolkata to commemorate the sacred – demise of Acharyadev. At a brief memorial function, on 11th December evening, Sri Raghunath Goswami, Sri Dilip Goswami, Srimat Bandhudas Brahmachari, Sri Biplab Gupta, et al, presented their speeches. Srimat Upasak bandhu Brahmachari delivered welcome address while the conclave was presided over by Srimat Nabanibandhu Brahmachari. At the end of this meeting, after evening Arati worshipping; the auspicious ‘Adhibas Kirtan’ commenced to perform ‘Naam-yagna.’ All throughout 12th December, ‘Mahanam Yajna’ was conducted for 24 hours. ‘Sadhu-Bhandara’ (oferring of elaborate prasadams to saints) was organized in the midday of 13th December.
MAHANAM MATH, NABADWIP: On 14th and 15th December, 1999, a Two day long programme was organized at Mahanam Math, Nabadwip; in memory of Mahanambrata Brahmachariji. In the afternoon of 14th December, at the temple complex of Mahanam Math in a somber ambience, eminent educationists and a galaxy of noble persons presented their view-points on the sacred – divine – pastime of Acharya Dev. Besides, Dr. Pabitra Gupta, a renowned educationist from Kolkata; presented his invaluable speech as the Chief Guest. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Srikumar Nath Bhattacharya. Sri Sri Gorachand Battacharya, Dr. Arunkumar Chakravarty, Banamali Goswami, Sirajul Islam etc. kept their view-points in this meeting. In the midday of 14th December, a Sadhu-Bhandara (oferring of elaborate prasadams to saints) was organized in Harisabha Temple Complex at Nabadwip. The invited Vaishnavs accepted offerings to Bandhusundar and Natua Gour Sundar. Besides this, on 15th afternoon, ‘Mahaprasad’ was distributed among thousand common-men (Nara-Narayan).

SRI SRI MAHENDRA BANDHU ANGAN, GHURNI: On the sprawling green lawn, in front of the temple complex at Ghurni’s Sri Sri Mahendra Bandhu Angan; a beautiful shamiana was erected. Underneath of it a enchanting commemorative meeting was organized in the morning on 16th December, 1999. Besides the local intellectuals, Sri Gorachand Goswami and Sri Banamali Goswami from Nabadwip took part in this brief memorial meeting. At midday of 16th December, Mahaprasad was distributed among three thousand people at the courtyard of Sri Sri Mahendra Bandhu Angan.
SRI SRI MAHANAM ANGAN, AGARTALA: Under the auspices of all Tripura Mahanam Sevak Sangha, a 4-day long programme was arranged from 19th to 22nd December, 1999; to observe the memorial services through various programmes and activities. Morning of 19th December was dedicated for recitals from scriptures; while a ‘Nagar-Sankirtan’ procession was taken out in the evening. 24th December midday was specially set aside to offer ‘Bhog-Raag’ to Prabhu’s 64 associates and the evening was scheduled for a commemorative assembly. On 22nd December, a continuous dawn-to-dusk ‘Mahama-Mahakirtan’ was organized and at midday Mahaprasad was distributed among the devotees. This programme was graced by the presence of Srimat Nabani Bandhu Brahmachair, Srimat Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari, Sirmat Jagattarandas Brahmachari, Sri Suryakanta Das, Srimati Gita Guha and others from Kolkata.
MAHANAM SEVAK SANGHA, NEW YORK : A day long commemorative programme was held on 25th Decembber, 2009 at Floral Park, Queens, New York. The program started with Guru Bandana, Chandrapat and Mahanam Kirtan.. Various members of the New York Sangha presented Bhajan-kirtans and read out from scriptures and various books of Gurudev. Sri Shyamal Banik, presented Mahanambrata Katha (a two hours talk on Gita & Dr. Mahanambrata Br.)
MALDAH TOWN HALL: In memory of the sad demise of Acharyadev, An exquisite and elaborate commemoration programme was organized at Maldah Town Hall under the joint endeavour of devotees of Mahanam Sampradaya, Maldah and Bandhu Sevika Sangha. In this commemorative programme, besides eminent local educationists and intelligentsia; Sri Ajit Kumar Nayak, Retd. Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court, Dr. Sri Pabitra Kumar Gupta, Sri Biren Saha of Kolkata Doordarshan, Sri Anil Chandra Pal from Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Kolkata, Srimat Swamy Nityananda Maharaj, Secretary, Barrackpore Rama Krishna Vivemananda Mission; etc. graced the occasion as special guests. The whole programme was conducted by Dr. Ujjwala Kundu and eminent social activist Sri Subhash Chowdhury.
SRI SRI BANDHU KUNJ, VIRNDAVAN: Commemorating the sacred demise of Mahamohopadhya Dr. Sriman Mahanambrataji, a 3 day long variety and electorate programmes were organized by the Vrindavan Branch of Mahanam Sevak Sangha at Sri Sri Bandhukunj. These programmes were continued from 29 – 31st December. About fifty devotees from Kolkata, participated in these programmes. On 30th December, evening under the guidance and direction of Dr. Vinod Bandopadhya, Secretary, Bengal Chapter in Braj Dham and Chief Advisor of Sri Sri Bandhukunj; a 3 hour long discussion session on Acharyadev’s sacred life was conducted by eminent educationists and worshipping erudites of Brajadham. Sri Sri Phanilal Goswami, Jaigopal Mukherjee, Shailen Pandey, Ranganath Brajabasi etc. participated actively in the discussion. With the invocation of sacred benign hymns by Premdas shastry, Sri Mohanto Maharaj of Katyani Peeth inauagurated the conference. This meeting was conducted by Dr. Vinod Bandopadhya and opening song was presented by Soma Bandopadhya. Besides this, in the morning of 29th December, 12 Chapters of Bhagavad were read out. Sri Kunjaballavji, presented discourses on Bhagavad in the afternoon. Dawn to dusk Mahanam Kirtan was performed all throughout 30th December. In the morning of 31st December, special recital of sacred scriptures were continued; followed by rendering food-offerings to more than thousand monks, vaishnavs and common mass of Brajadham. In the evening local Bengali devotees presented kirtan at ‘Harisabha.’
RADHA – MADHAV PRABHU – JAGATBANDHU ASHRAM, SILIGURI: From 28th to 31st January, 2000, four day long activities were organized in the newly constructed mandir complex of Sri Sri Radha Madhav – Prabhu-Jagatbandhu Ashram; to commemorate the sacred demise of Acharyadev. In the afternoon of 28th January, after the recitals from Bhagabad by Srimat Upasakbhandu Brahmachariji, Sri Jatin Das and party presented the auspicious Adhibas Kirtan. All through out 29th January, Mahanam Kirtan was performed from dawn to dusk. On that very day, in the evening a very mind attractive discussion session was organized on the Ravindra Mancha at local Bagha Jatin Park. In this discussion forum, renowned professors of North Bengal University; very nicely highlighted the various aspects of the sacred life of revered Brahmachariji. Besides this, Dr. Ujjwala Kundu, from Maldah, also attended this conference. Sri Sri Nabani Bandhu Brahmachari, Upasak Bandhu Brahmachari, Gourav Bandhu Brahmachari, Swami Jagadananda Bharati, Chidananda Goswami, Anil Pal and Nilratan Biswas etc. participated in this conclave from Kolkata. The meeting was conducted by Dr. Kalyan Bandhu Dutta. On 30th January, Sri Sri Radha Govinda’s 24 hours Kirtan was presented by Radio-artist Sri Jatin Das and Sandhya Pal of Siliguri. During this commemorative celebration, Srimat Priyabrata Brahmachari of Dhaka Mahaprakash Math & Srimat Jagattaran Das Brahmachri of Bangladesh; joined this programme.
AT THE AIRCONDITIONED HALL OF KOLKATA BOOK FAIR: At 4 P.M. on 2nd February, 2000, under the auspices of Sri Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust, a commemorative conference was organized in the Air Conditioned Auditorium of Kolkata Book Fair. This was presided over by Dr. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhyay. This commemorative function, as organized in a hall with limited seats, became very lively. Srimat Bandhu Gourav Brahmachari presented invocation through sacred recitals of benign hymns. In his introductory lecture, professor Chidananda Goswami explained the various important aspects of the sacred life of Acharyadev. The audience were fully satisfied with the thought provoking and knowledgeable addresses as delivered by Justice Sri Mukul Gopal Mukherji, Chairman of Human Rights Commission; Sri Sabitendranath Roy, President of the Publisher’s Guild; and Dr. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhya. At the end of this meeting, prasad were distributed as among the audience collective.
PRABHU JAGAT BANDHU ASHRAM – PURI: A three day long commemorative celebration, at the great demise of our every revered Sri Sri Gurudev, was organized between 17th to 19th March, 2000 at Puri Jagatbandhu Ashram. For this occasion, about 40 – 50 devotees, arrived at Puri all the way from Kolkata and took part in this commemorative programme. On 17th March afternoon, a brief discussion meeting was organized with the local people of Orissa. Thereafter, on completion of evening worshipping, the auspicious Adhibas of Naam Yajna was performed. 18th March was allocated for dawn to dusk continuous Sri Sri Mahanam Kirtan. On 19th March, midday – a Sadhu Bhandara was arranged where almost 50 monks savoured the food offerings of Lord Jagannath. Besides this, on 18th March, arrangement was made to distribute Prasada among local mass. Monks and devotees enjoyed the sacred date of Dol Purnima on 20th March at Sri Khetra and Departed for Kolkata on 21st March.
SRIDHAM SRI ANGAN, FARIDPUR: 4 day long commemorative programme was organized to remember the sacred demise of Acharyadev, from 2nd to 5th December, 1999 under the President ship of the present president Srimat Nabanibandhu Brahmachariji. Faridpur Sri Angan Dham is the original and prime centre for Mahanam Sect. At the commemorative programme on the Principal Acharya of Mahanam Sect, Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari, many adoring devotees and disciples participated from various far off places of Bangladesh. In this celebration of great separation, all the adoring devotees remembered their deity of hearts with tearful eyes and considered themselves as fortunate to have him as Gurudev.
MAHAPRAKASH MATH – DHAKA: Under the auspices of Srimat Priyabrata Brahmachariji, then in-charge of Dhaka Mahaprakash Math, a commemorative function was organized and conducted on 3rd December 1909 at the T.S.C. Hall of Dhaka University. Along with the Mayor of Dhaka, various representatives of Bangladesh, at all levels; attended this memorial function to pay their respect to the great departed soul. After the recital of sacred benign hymns by Srimat Jagattaran Das Brahmachariji; this rare commemorative programme started in a somber ambience. A few resolutions were passed in this T.S.C. conference hall, packed to the full capacity, to pay respect to Sriman Mahanambrataji. For example any street of Dhaka to be named after Sriman Mahanambrataji; a memorial chair to be dedicated in the name of Mahanambrataji in Dhaka university and to establish a research centre etc. Srimati Reeta Ghosh and her party from Kolkata, India, presented Kritan at the end and it was appreciated by all. On 10th December a sandhu bhandara was organized with great fan-fare at Mahaprakash Math and many monks and vaishnavs of various sects attended that.
COMMEMORATIVE CELEBRATION OF MAHANM SEVAK SANGHA, PALTA: From 7th to 9th January, 2000 at the local Jahar Colony’s Playground, the Annual Celebration was organized through the commemorative celebrations of Acharya’s sad death, Naam – Yagna, Padavali Kirtan, Nagar Kirtan etc. The commemorative meeting was attended by devotees like Sri Barun Bhattacharya, Dr. Ujjwala Kundu, Sri Bankimchandra Chattopadhya and Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachariji.
COMMEMORATIVE CELEBRATION OF MAHANAM SEVAK SANGHA, ASANSOLE DISTRICT: Under the auspices of the Asansole Branch of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, a 10 day long religiouis programmes were organized between 10th to 19th March, 2000; to celebrate its Annual programmes at Burnpur. This was celebrated through 32 hours Nam-Yagna, Padabali Kirtan, Nagar Kirtan, Bhagavadi-Sabha, and various divine rituals. On 16th March, a commemorative celebration was organized in memory of the sad demise of Acharyadev.

Besides the above described programmes, in memory of Acharyadev’s sacred departure from this mundane world, various meetings were arranged under the auspices of various branches of Mahanam Sevak Sangha; namely, Konnagar (West Bengal), Dharmanagar (Tripura), Bilthai (Tripura), Karimganj (Assam), Gauhati (Assam), Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Coochbihar (West Bengal) etc. Besides, such memorial remembrance services were conducted at Nagarukhra Mahambrata Mission (19th December ’99), West Bengal, Adyapeet Bhaba Pagla Sangeet Sanmelan, Kolkata, Purba Sinthee Harisabha (22nd January 2000), Kolkata and in many residences of numerous devotees.