Platinum Jubilee card


On 2nd October, 2008, a unique and unprecedented, event was celebrated as Platinum Jubilee of the Historic Representation of Dr Mahanambrata Brhamachariji at the ‘Second World Fellowship of Faith’ on 2nd October 1933 in Chicago,USA.
This programme was organized on 2nd October 2008 at Indumati Sabhagriha (Auditorium).
Dr Mahanambrataji delivered a superb and unparallel lecture on Indian Spiritualism, Gandhiji’s Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Universal Brother-hood and Ideals of Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar. Europeans and Americans were spell bound and fascinated by his oration.



This Programme was organized by ‘Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust’. Swami Prasannatmanandaji, the head of the research department of Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture Golpark, Kolkata; inaugurated this programme.
Dr Karunasindhu Das, Vice Chancellor of Rabindra Bharati University, Prof Ramaranjan Mukherji,Ex Vice-Chancellor of Burdwan University and Rabindra Bharati Institue and honorable Minister Shri Kshiti Goswamy graced the occasion as chief guest, President, special guest respectively.
The programme was started with the chanting of Vedic-Hymns as Mangalachran and opening song,as composed by Dr Mahanambrata Brahamachariji, was presented by Smt Minati Goswami and her group.
Welcoming the distinguished guests and the respected delegates, Srimad Upasakbandhu Brahmacari ; Secretary Mahanam Sevak Sangha and Mahanam Sampraday, presented his welcome address. He briefly touched upon Brahamachariji’s journey to America, virtually penniless and confronting numerous hardships. All these he could overcome with the blessings of Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar and His encouragement only kept him going on. He also elaborated that history was created by Dr Brahamachariji’s highlighting Indian Cultural heritage and its Philosophy to this world forum. He not only represented India but the whole of Asia too.
After the welcome address homage was offered to Dr Mahnambrata Brahamachariji by placing floral wreaths at his portrait.
In his introductory speech, Prof Chidananda Goswami specially emphasized on that particular date i.e 2nd October 1933, being the birth day of Gandhiji and the topic of discussion was rightly chosen as ‘Non-Violence’ and Universal Brotherhood. He explained that Dr Mahanambrataji’s speech , on that specific date and day, over the particular topic carried special significance and deep meaning. Speaking in tune with Upasakbandhuji, he concluded that Dr Brahamachariji can be called as the true representative of love and brotherhood to the whole world. Sri Goswami concluded that to spread world peace, it is essential to have the message of Prabhu Jagatbandhusundar, the creator of Mahauddharan Leela.
Inaugural speech was delivered by Prasannatmanandaji Maharaj. He declared that Dr Mahanambrataji’s participation in the Chicago conference was a thing of pride and triumph for India. It was an unforgettable event. He eulogized about Brahamachariji as a Divine soul, saintly personality, dynamic orator, and an example of total devotion. He recollected as to how he came to know about Mahanambrtaji’s profound knowledge and vast philosophical attributes through his speeches at Mahajati Sadan on Rishi Aurobindo’s ‘Sabitri’. It was an unforgettable experience. He said, “His popular books like Uddhab Sandesh, Gitadhyan, Panchti Vashan, are pathbreaking creations. Swami Vivekananda and Mahanambrataji dedicated to the West, rather, to the whole World that spiritual knowledge, for which they were thirsty. We bow to him in deep gratitude.”
Dr Karunasindhu Das delivered his speech as the Chief guest. He said that Dr Mahanambrataji’s deliberations, his works, and his practices, manifested immense blessings of the Lord. Such great human beings are called ‘Guru’, or ‘Mass leader’ or ‘A Noble Soul’. ‘Bestow Mercy to every one’ is a phrase related to high knowlegable person who loves and provides shelter to the poor and down-trodden and a true benevolent human beings.
Dr Das further added that Mahanambrata Brahamachariji’s philosophical interpretation ‘The sky our canopy……’ and Rabindranath’s ‘Sab khaney more thain…..’ were in perfect synchronization. He said “I do recollect him with deep respect. Books written by Dr Brahamachariji are of immense spiritual value, catering to knowledge, wisdom, and ‘prem’ or divine love. He said “I never had the opportunity to meet him directly but in his old age Dr Brahamachariji had penned down some blessings for me in his own trembling hands and gifted me a book written by him, which I have kept as valued treasure”.
Sri Kshiti Goswami said that being a man of politics, it would not be possible for him to speak on spiritual matters. But at the same time Mahanambrataji’s thoughts, ideals, works,and humanitarian outlook have attracted him. Quoting Rabindranath Tagore, he spoke that the station of humanity, should be crossed, before moving ahead towards spirituality.Mahanambrataji had shown to the western world about India’s cultural and religious aspects and the ideals of Ahimsa. Again dressed in simple Khadi, he was a highly qualified philosopher and people were mesmerized by his powerful and witty oratory. His heart was full of patriotic passion for his motherland and had enough courage to wear only Khadi to show his protest against the British Imperialists. His true love for his motherland made him respectable to everyone. Through the path of love and devotion he exemplified an ideal path for the human society. Whatever he thought deeply and religiously, he believed in it and always put that into practice. This is a rare phenomenon.
In his presidential address, Prof Ramaranjan Mukherjee , at the very beginning, drew the attention of everyone in the audience by his clarion voice, sincerity and inimitable mannerisms. Right at the very outset, he stated that he would curve-out his lecture based on the opening song of today’s programmes. While offering an exquisite explanation on Mahanambrataji’s concept of Non-violence, he said, “ Non-violence does not merely stand for dearth of violence. Non-violence means sheer love expressed in both internal and external behavior. Violence is manifested, in a big way in all the spheres of Culture, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Thus Universal love is only desirable. If there be love and compassion on all the living beings, then it becomes as good as approaching the Absolute entity.God has always extended His call to us. But we have not responded to it properly. By responding to God’s call, if we become spiritually elevated, then we can feel the Universal heart throbs among individuals. I have a strong conviction that through his historical lecture at Chicago in 1933, the true philosophy of Indian Culture and its intrinsic significance were manifested. This was expressed by both Vivekananda and Mahnambrataji. I personally feel that there is no basic difference between Mahaprabhu’s hymn of ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna’ Naam and Jagatbandhusundar’s hymn of ‘Hari Purush Jagatbandhu Mahauddharana’ Naam. We have seen Dr. Brahmachariji’s extraordinary courage during the carnage of violence in East-Bengal. He only encouraged the people of East-Bengal, to win over meanness and violence by ideologies. In his vote of thanks at the valedictory session, Sri Utpal Saha , Secretary of the Trust, thanked all the audience, the guests on the stage, and all others for their direct and indirect help from behind the screen. The symposium was concluded amidst an atmosphere of tranquility and satisfaction.
People from the audience, rushed out from the auditorium hall only to congratulate us by uttering one sentence-‘We would have felt the pangs of pain if we abstained from such a program. You may please arrange more of these types programs in future.’



Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari delivering lecture infront of the audience
Swami Prasannatmanandaji adrresing the audience
Welcoming guests