Mahauddharan Publication
PUBLICATION TRUST (Shree Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust)
The principal objective of this Trust is to publish and propagate the large treasures of books and literary works of Dr Mahanambrata Brahamachariji and Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar and other saints and associates of the Mahanam Samprdaya (sect.) commonly known as Mahauddharan Publications.
At present the Trust has more than 100 (one hundred) books published by them which are of immense spiritual and literary value. The titles could be broadly classified in following categories.

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1) Upcoming & recent publications & CD's
2) Contemporary Subjects
3) Hindu Philosophy and Scriptures
4) Radha-Krishna & related topics
5) Srikrishnachaitanya & related topics
6) Prabhu Jagadbandhu & related topics
7) On Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
8) Audio & Video CDs

To order books please contact below for knowing current price and postage, all drafts, cheques etc for payment are to be made in the name of the trust as given below payable at Kolkata :

"Shree Mahamanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust"

Address :
Sri Sri Mahanam Angan
Raghunathpur, VIP Road
P.O Deshbandhunagar Kolkata 700059

Phone :

  • +91 33 2500 5845 ( Office)
  • +91 9674747145 ( Mr. Jyotirmoy Guha, Assistant Secretary )
  • +91 9432338242 ( Dr. Utpal Saha, Secretary )
  • +91 7278366504 ( Mr. Jaydeb Dey , Treasurer )


Persons staying in USA or near to USA may contact the following senior member of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, New York for books :-

Rama Prasad GhoshRay,
82-22, 266th Street,
Floral Park, New York - 11004, USA

History of Publications:-
Srimad Mahanambrataji, himself, was an institution. He will be alive forever through his eternal, time-tested books. These books are truly characterized by the fact that all the difficult thoughts and understandings of our ancient scriptures have been presented to the common public in very simple and lucid fashion. His phenomenal speeches on Bhagabad, are also understandable and enjoyable to all. He had an uncanny poetic prowess. This short lived, multifaceted, pride less, great man of divine knowledge, was totally averse to any kind of media exposures. Yet, he occupied a permanent place in the hearts of all types of god-fearing persons. Mahanambrataji has authored nearly seventy books.
Besides, we have in our collection a few Holy books of salvation authored by His Divine Grace Lord Jagadbandhusundar Himself and also some books by Sripad Mahendraji and other monks of this sect.
Sri Mahanambrata cultural and welfare trust is entrusted with the task of propagating these books among the masses. Besides this a tri-monthly magazine, named ‘Mahanam Angan’, started by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari is being regularly published by Mahanam Sevak Sangha. This journal has crossed its 26th year of publication.

Dr Mahanambrata Brahamachari formed the Trusty Board named as “Shree Mahanambrata Cultural and Welfare Trust” and registered it under Societies Registration Act, on 24th November, 1982. It was aimed to preserve, perpetuate and propagate the great spiritual and cultural ideals, percepts, teachings, and philosophy of India’s heritage. The trust was also aimed to send messages to the World for the benefit and welfare of the general mass. In addition to this it was also to facilitate the study and research of the ancient and modern schools of Indian Philosophy. It was felt that such an organization would facilitate true understanding of the purpose of human existence and the spiritual and cultural upliftment of the human society.
The Trust also donates money to Mahanam Sevak Sangha for their free Medical Treatment Units and Educational scheme for the economically backward students.
The first Executive committee of the Trust was constituted as follows:-

President:- Dr Mahanambrata Brahamachari
Vice- President :-Sri Shibaprasad Basu
Joint -Secretary:-Sri Samarendra Mohan Basu and Sri Sukharanjan Saha
Treasurer:- Sri Biplab Chandra Saha.
Trustees ;- Srimad Krishna Kumar Brahamachari
Srimad Nabani Bandhu Brahamachari
Sri Nirmal Chatterjee
Sri Biswanath Das

Later on a few new trustees were inducted in place of some former members. On 2nd october1986, Sri Nandalal Saha was elected as Secretary in place of Sri Samarendra Mohan Basu, as he resigned from the post of Secretary. On 11th January 1998, Dr Utpal Saha was elected as Secretary, followed by the resignation of Sri Nandalal Saha as Secretary.
On 9th November 2000, due to the sad demise of Dr Mahanambrata Brahamachari, Sri Sibapasad Basu was elected as president of the Trust.
On 5th March 2006, Sri Jyotirmoy Guha was elected as Astt. Secretary of the Trust.

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