Front view of Mahanam Angan during silver jubilee
The eve of the auspicious 105th birthday of Gurudev Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari and the silver jubileee of the foundation of Sri Sri Mahanam Angan , Kolkata
was celebrated through a sequence of events from 24th to 28th December as given below :
24 th December 2008 :Morning 8.00 am
Free health checkup and blood donation camp was held.
Evening 4.00 pm

conference and spiritual discourses on the auspicious eve of completion of 25 years of Mahanam Angan was held . The inaugural song was sung by Srimati Sharmishtha Basu. Following learned dignitories presented their valuable thoughts. Srimat Bandhugaurav Brahmachari coordinated the whole programme.

  • Prabhupad Srimat Vinod Kishore Goswami
  • Prabhupad Srimat Birchand Goswami
  • Srimat Paramananda Vairab ( Giri )
  • Dr. Samir Kumar Chattopadhyay
  • Srimat Gurubandhudas Babaji
  • Sri Chidananda Goswami

25 th Decamber 2008 :Thursday
105 th Birth Anniversary of Sri Gurudev.
Morning 4.30 am
Mangal Arati.
5.30 am
Guru Pranam at Samadhi Mandir
6.30 am
Prabhat pheri
7.30 am
Sringar Arati
9.30 am
Puja Arati and Vandana of Sri Guru's idol on the stage.
10.30 am
Pushpanjali by the devotees and distribution of prasadam.
3.00 pm
Sabha and musical programme by the devotees of Mahanam Sevak Sangha.
5.30 pm
Quiz on the book “Panchti Bhasan” by Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari.
6.00 pm
Sandhy Arati ( along with 14 Mridangam)

26 th December 2008 :

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Ashtakalin Leela Smaran kirtan.

(The Remembrance of the Divine sport of Sri Sri Radha Govinda for 24 hours of a day —to be presented through Kirtans by Krishna Pal, Dilip Chowdhury, and Gour Karmakar)

27 th December 2008 :
Early morning
Kunja bhanga leela smaran kirtan of Sri Radha Govinda.
At noon :
Holy offering of Bhoga (food) at the foyer of the main temple to Lord Jagadbandhu Sundar and his dvine companions. After offering and worshipping , distribution of mahaprasad amongst the devotees.
Afternoon :
Padabali kirtan by Sri Ujjal Sarkar.

28 th December 2008 :
Unique all day long religious tour on the holy Ganges was arranged on five passenger vessels. The programe Included, discourse on Srimad Bhagabatam by Srimat Upasakbandhu Brahmachari, Padabali Kirtan by Sri Krishna Pal, offering of Bhoga (food) to Lord Jagadbandhu Sundar and distribution of Mahaprasad amongst devotees.
Kirtan by Dilip Chowdhury
Kirtan by Gaur karmakar
Kirtan by Dilip Chowdhury


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Blood Donation
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